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Weapons offered for delivery is a classic model Kalashnikov assault rifle (AKM), caliber 7.62x39.
However, this model AK 103SE has a number of design differences from basic model, the main of which are:

- the receiver is made of steel sheet 1.5 mm thick ( original AKM - 1.0 mm);
- Reinforced liner receiver;
- reinforced barrel, made by machine gun technology, cold rotational forging;
- increased layer of chrome coating in the bore.

These design changes allow for minor increase the mass of the machine, significantly increase the structural rigidity weapons and its strength, increase barrel wear resource and increase accuracy firing when firing in automatic mode.

Caliber, mm 7,62
Cartridge, mm 7,62х39
Length, mm: 880
Width, mm : 70
Height (with magazine), mm : 250
Weight, kg: w/empty magazine 3,5, w/loaded magazine 4,0
Barrel length, mm: 415
Ammunition used: 7.62x39
Muzzle velocity, m / s: 715
Direct Shot Range, m: By the chest figure: 350m, By the growth figure: 525m
Range of lethal action of a bullet: 1500m
Russian origin production
Assemblage in Armenia
AK-103SE is coming with life span warranty of 60,000 rounds
Contents of delivery: 1 x Rifle, 2 x Polymer Magazine, 1 x Sling, 1 x Cleaning kit