CS PKM Machine Gun (7.62x54mm)

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Multi Purpose MG 7.62X54mm CS-PKM

7.62x54mm Multi-Purpose Machine-Gun Type CS PKM
Chinese Origin
Caliber: 7.62x54mm
Cartridge: 7.62x54mm Ball/AP/API/APIT cartridges
Weight: 12.6Kg
Muzzle Velocity: 825m/s
Ammo capacity: 100 rounds (small box)
200 rounds (big box)
Effective range: 1000 m (as heavy machine gun)
800 m (as light machine gun)
Service life: >25,000 rounds

Set to includes:

1 x Rifle,
1 x spare barrel,
2 x 100 rounds ammo box (links inside),
4 x 200 rounds ammo box (links inside,
1 x cleaning tool set,
1 x operation manual,
1 x tripod

Packing: Wooden box 1350x500x380mm
1 piece each box at 53Kg