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CS/LR12 12.7x108mm Semi Auto Sniper Rifle

CS/LR12 -12.7x108mm
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7.62x51 NATO Sniper Rifle CS/LR4A

Cartridge: 12.7x108mm API/APIT/Sniper cartridge
Work mode: Semi automatic
Feed mode: 5 Rounds magazine
Total Weight: 14.9Kg (Including sight)
Total Length: 1450mm
Precision: 1000m
Effective Range: 1000m for Infantry target
1500m for armored target
Muzzle velocity: 825+/-15m/s
Set includes: 1 x Rifle, 5 x 5 rounds magazines, 1 x Oil can, 1 x Day light Sight, 1 x Manual
Packing: Hard military case 1450x450x200mm at 25Kg