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SPARROW is a big UAS VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) that has a 3500 mm wingspan.

The SPARROW is made of full composite material and features a Honeycomb structure, which makes the SPARROW both very light and strong.
The quick- detach design also makes it easy to assemble and disassemble in the field of operations.
The SPARROW has a very big inner space for the installation of big push/hover batteries combination.
Take-off weight of this big SPARROW is 9kg, so it can fly at a high speed with very low power consumption.
The max take-off weight of the SPARROW is about 15kg.
With this weight the SPARROW can reach 2 hours endurance covering more than 10sq km.
The SPARROW can fly at a very high speed.
The maximum speed is about 110km/h and the cruising speed is 72km/h.
The SPARROW can be launched directly from an area as small as 5x5m.
With a 1.5kg payload capacity the SPARROW can load various zoom cameras like zoom cameras: optical zoom camera and infrared zoom camera.
This aircraft can be equipped with advanced control system, RTK GPS, PPK System to do mapping jobs at centimeter level; and also, could load a zoom camera to do long range surveillance / inspection coupled with long range video system and control system.
Furthermore, it can be equipped with IC engine to surpass 4Hours of endurance (in current offer we propose the batteries powered version).
Industry standard communication format ensures interoperability with the majority of C4I platforms