DRONES Optical Surveillance & Directional Neutralization System

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DRONES Optical Surveillance & Directional Neutral

DZ-OF1 unmanned aerial vehicle optical detection and tracking system, includes visible light monitoring (color, black and white), infrared thermal sensor and infrared laser monitoring technology and equipment.

Visible light monitoring is used for the detection, validation and tracking of targets during daytime or nighttime glare conditions, infrared laser can be used when the target active infrared fill light, thereby enhancing the target monitoring resolution.

Infrared thermal induction can be applied to completely no light or low light conditions to detect the infrared emitted to target and identify the UAV target.

DZ-DN1 Directional RF Mitigation System is a purpose-designed multi-band system, includes two types solution, one is standard band type to inhibit 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz and GNSS signal.

The other is optional full band type to be against UAV's signal across 40MHz to 6GH.

The two types solution are completely independent and complementary, which are combined with optical surveillance system to track, disrupt and neutralize the hostile targets.