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Sporting Rifle M70 American Style is a version of model M70 Standard with some specific features:

- no iron sights, 

- distinctive finish (gold trigger, polished metal parts, varnished stock)

Sporting Rifle with original Mauser locking system. Barrel is made of chrome-vanadium steel, by cold forging - guaranteeing high precision, constant accuracy and durability.

Stock for sporting rifle M70 is made of selected quality walnut. Types of stock that a customer can choose are: Pig Back and Monte Carlo.

Recoil pad is made of rubber and grip cap is made of walnut. Sporting rifle M70 is a safe gun; trigger mechanism is blocked by a lever-type safety.

Metal swivels provide secure assembly of the sling.

When purchasing this type of sporting rifle, the customer can choose one of the following types of trigger mechanism:

- with single trigger

- with single trigger DAT (possibility to push the trigger forward and get light trigger pull)

- with double trigger (possibility to prepare for firing with one trigger and then have light trigger pull on the other trigger)

The receiver of the sporting rifle has 4 threads with protective screws. Threads are used for connection with optical sight bases, which are mounted optionally.