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Full-face respirator is made up of full-face mask ,canistersand Rubber headbands and Respiratory radios.

The full-face mask is made up of body of mask, big window lens and headband which can be adjusted according to users` choice.

The body seal box cover is designed according to the adult head type, wearing comfortably, the airtightness is reliable.

The big window lens which is made of polycarbonate have features: broad vision, good optical and strong impact resistance.Binocular.

The canister is filled by qualified activated carbon or activated carbon catalyst, the service time is long, the weight is light, easy to change new one.

It is designed for the military, police and civil defense.

- Cyanogen chloride life: ≥ 50min (30l/min,1.5mg/l and 80%~80% RH conditions).

- Oil mist penetration coefficient: ≤0.005%(30l/min).

- Inhalation resistance: ≤196Paa(301l/min).

- Exhalation resistance: ≤100Pa(30l/min).

- Visual field: total≥75%, binocular visual field≥30%.

- Weight: 840 gr

- Storage life: 10 years.