Unmanned Surface Vehicles

USV are remote control or autonomous intelligent water surface robots which are able to fulfill multiple tasks.  

These are modular designed with multiple functions and safe replacement for human work.

USV is the better option because..

Wider application: Unmanned surface vehicles can work in diversified water environments and assist in different survey missions due to a lower draft and flexible equipment capability

Lower cost: The application of unmanned surface vehicles save largely in labor and fuel costs as well as employee expenses as there is no need to carry surveyors on board

Better data quality: The unmanned surface vehicle’s unique hull design and propeller system enables it to sail in high accordance with the planned route to generate accurate data reports.

Higher efficiency: Unmanned surface vehicles allow you to survey autonomously and continuously in addition to being easy to transport from site to site, which significantly improves working efficiency.

Safer: Safety is increased while surveying dangerous areas and complex routes due to the elimination of individuals on the vessel.