Ballistic Vests & Armor

We offer high quality bulletproof vests, modular plate carriers and ballistic plates, designed with the intention to provide an over garment solution for persons which operate in an environment where there is a threat from hand guns (Ideal for police, security and shooting range personnel).

All our bulletproof vests and ballistic plates are exclusive designed under NIJ standards in order to provide best ballistic and knife protection while keeping a low profile

We manufacture all our ballistic products to approved and certified factories that have been determined to comply with NIJ Standard 0101.06 by the NIJ Compliance Testing Program and are listed on the NIJ Compliant Products List.

We also manufacture certified ballistics under the logos and the brand names that our clients request.

Plate Carrier       


- Design Customization Protection
- Threat Levels Device Integration

Modern day warfare conditions and operation strategies have evolved. They incorporate new tactics which require additional situational awareness.

A modern soldier is equipped with an integrated set of high technology equipment and uniforms.

Their communication systems are linked to a variety of real time and archived battlefield information resources.

Besides the technology, equipment and uniforms, field conditions have also evolved over the years for modern soldiers.

We offer custom design and development of body armour as per the requirements of its customer!


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