Dear Customer,

Our B2B (business-to-business) marketplace connects multiple sellers to buyers under the full support of the manufacturers of all the products that we merchandise.

B2B marketplace differs from B2C marketplace as it has features specific for B2B requirements like; Applying for bulk orders, Quantity discounts, Ability to edit a purchase order on-line, Quotations and RFPs for orders, Ability to accept different payment types like bank transfers and scheduled payments.

Our B2B Marketplace designed with you in mind! Our industry registration and policy ensures that we are providing the quality expected from a successful establish defense and security supplier.

We only deal and mechandize our products in wholesale to companies, organizations and end users under specific quantities/orders subject to the product(s) nature.

We don't merchandize our products in the retail market. We don't merchandize our products on-line.

We only legal trade with countries/companies that are not under any sanction by the UN and the EU

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