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We only legal trade with countries/companies that are not under any embargo or sanction by the UN and the EU.

We cannot know all of the United States or International restrictions, for our products. Therefore, we do not warrant that you may legally purchase, own or carry specific products offered in our website.

Many states and provinces prohibit carrying concealed weapons and you must be guided by local laws regarding a concealable weapon.

These products include, but are not limited to, chemical sprays, slingshots, air guns, paint ball guns, knives, stun guns, starter pistols, bows, crossbows and other item.

When you place an order with us for products that may have restrictions, you warrant to us that you are a legal adult without legal disabilities and are in compliance with local, state and federal laws.

Customers purchasing law enforcement insignia or uniforms marked with law enforcement terms such as "Police" or "SWAT" or like messages warrant they are legally authorized to wear such mottos.

Submit orders for such products on your department letterheads or provide official identification.

To assure that our operators are providing excellent customer service at all times, your call may be monitored.


We are a private Company that is not affiliated with the Department of Defense in any way.

Statements expressed in this website referencing the independent use of products by agencies of the Department of Defense do not constitute an endorsement, approval or authorization of our products by the Department of Defense or any branch of our National Armed Forces. Occasionally, there may be misprints or errors in our and on-line products description. We reserve the right to correct the misprint or withdraw the offer.

Specifications, colors, legal restrictions, prices and availability are subject to change at any time without notice. It may be necessary to substitute an item with a product of equal or better quality and value that varies slightly from our on line products description.


Shipping and handling charge are on buyer's account.

As a general rule, processing time plus shipping time equals total delivery time.

Due to the large number of manufacturers we deal with, processing time typically ranges from 12 to 15 business days, depending upon which place we are shipping to. This delivery period is not valid for goods that are requiring import/export and special permissions.

Processing time includes receiving your order, transmitting the information to the appropriate manufacturer, and packing the item for shipping.

After processing is complete and shipping begins, shipping time is the courier transit time from the manufacturer of the item you ordered to your shipping address.

Orders are shipped through registered postal services unless stated otherwise.


Payment against relevant invoices unless you are using the online retail purchase pages


All high capacity magazines are either Pre-Ban or Post Ban and are 100% legal to own, sell, buy or use.

* No magazines over 10 rounds can be shipped to California

* No Magazines over 10 rounds can be shipped to Hawaii

* No magazines over 15 rounds can be shipped to New Jersey

* No magazines over 20 rounds can be shipped to Maryland

* No magazines over specific rounds can be shipped to places with relevant restrictions


Knives will only be shipped to customers over 18 years old where there is no Federal, State or Local Laws that prohibit knife purchases.


Special permission (import/export licenses) and END USER declaration is required in order firearms to be exported and to be shipped.

Maritime Security and Security Companies can purchase firearms according to their Companies registration and legality to use arms and under relevant import/export permissions.

All import and export licenses/permission must be in the name of the END USER where such Import permissions/licenses must be issued from the Country and the Authorities that goods will be delivered (dully signed/stamped by Police or MOD or Ministry of Foreigner Affairs or legal and authorized Country organization) and relevant export licenses and permissions must be issued on END USER firm by the manufacturer and/or supplier Country local authorities (against the relevant import licenses).

END USER Confirmation document is issued in the name of the END USER from the manufacturer and/or the supplier or seller.


Many of our items are classified as Gun Parts. There are strictly enforced rules that go along with these parts. A Gun Part is “any item necessary to the operation of a weapon".

Many parts fall within this category, such as triggers, magazines, grips and barrels. Bullet heads, ammunition cases, barrels and magazines may not be shipped outside of Greece unless a special license is provided by buyer as well as end user certificate.

A final confirmation of your order regarding your ability to purchase the ordered goods will be provided after your purchase order. 


A Party shall not be deemed in default of this Agreement, nor shall it hold the other Party responsible for, any cessation, interruption or delay in the performance of its obligations (excluding payment obligations) due to earthquake, flood, fire, storm, natural disaster, act of God, war, terrorism, armed conflict, labor strike, lockout, boycott or other similar events beyond the reasonable control of the Party, provided that the Party relying upon this provision:

- gives prompt written notice thereof, 
- takes all steps reasonably necessary to mitigate the effects of the force majeure event.

If a force majeure event extends for a period in excess of 45 days in the aggregate, either Party may immediately terminate any agreement/order upon written notice.


(a) Some products (subject to delivery country of goods) are charged with the relevant VAT% as well as import taxes on the delivery country which costs are all the time on buyer/end user account.

(b) Transportation cost it is also calculated (subject to delivery country) and it is provided in our final purchase order confirmation for approval from buyer/end user.

(c) END USER certificates and relevant import/export licenses are required for products such as weapons, ammunition and any special product that need permission according to the rules of the export/import Country.

(d) Delivery time of goods is subject to the delivery place and the nature of the goods.

For further information and clarifications contact us at contact@b2b-markets.com  

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