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Meva Straton Plus Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC)

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The STRATON PLUS is an armoured personnel carrier (APC) offered in LAV (Light Armoured Vehicle) and LTV (Light Tactical Vehicle) versions. 

The STRATON PLUS is built using a monocoque design and it also has a unique single piece V- Shape Hull.

The STRATON PLUS offers unparalleled levels of blast and ballistic protection, and is designed to provide maximum protection to defense forces and law enforcement agencies against IED’s, hand grenades and anti-personnel mines in urban and off-road environments.

  Built on the Ford F550 to provide a LOW MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul options) is has a powerful 6.7L (300 bhp) engine, heavy duty suspension and brakes, and infinite internal configuration options including 2 + 10 seats, fold up, bench and blast attenuation seats, advanced electronic surveillance and counter measures equipment.

The STRATON PLUS is an ideal vehicle for patrols and challenging security situations.