The ProZero series is a range of boats designed specifically for professional use.

It is characterized by high resilience and energy efficiency. Through centuries, Denmark has been a nation of proud maritime tradition.

The vessels of the ProZero range in the offshore segment are custom made to fit the high demands of the offshore windfarm industry, the oil & gas industry, search & rescue or of the seismic industry.

These industries are characterized by the rough environments and by the toughness needed in the vessels.

The ProZero line was designed to withstand the pressure of the elements and is custom made for the specific needs of the customer.

The focus is on high strength and resilience.

The ProZero Turbine Transfer Daughter Craft is the first ever purpose designed Transfer Daughter Craft designed specifically as a transfer daughter craft for the far offshore wind-farms, offered to the marked

The ProZero 11 meter vessel is constructed to be lifted on and off larger mother vessels featuring a davit system and the ProZero 11m WIND FARM SERVICE BOAT can be outfitted with hook systems of the owners choice. 

Besides single point hoisting the ProZero 11m WIND FARM SERVICE BOAT can be launched and recovered by a built-in slipway system in the transoms of the mother ships offshore.

Remote controlled navigation system offers autonomous self-piloting to the ProZero Workboats. The system can be embedded into a wide variety of boats in the ProZero series, making them self-piloting, increasing productivity and keeping personnel safe from potential harm.